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Welcome to our web site. 

Let me tell you about us and our history. Our director has been involved with Public Address since about 1970 when as a radio and television apprentice in Warrington he was asked to install mobile speakers onto cars for a political party at election time.

After this he purchased a portable amplifier by mail order from Henry’s Radio as advertised in Practical Wireless and Radio Constructor magazines.

Then he was in a two man team whe were to replace "the bells" in a church tower, this was a disgusting job as the tower was  full of pigeon droppings and the old Grampian horns were caked in it, it was decided to cover the inside of the vents with chicken wire before insialling the new system to prevent the situation reoccuring. The vicar asked the lads to dispose of the old horns for him so our hero took them home and after many months work with a wire brush and a tin of Hamerite paint and fitting four new diaphrams into the drivers he had the neucleus of a mobile public address business. This was helped due to the Radio and TV shop he worked for not providing this service, his employer passed over this type of work to him.

He then started to provide amplification and commentary for carnival events organised by Mrs Percival of "The Ronnettes" a local female Morris dance troupe, this snowballed and he was asked to provide the same service by other groups, hr then purchased more equipment a van and joined “The Association of Public Address Engineers”. 

Along with two other “small” providers they joined together to provide Public address systems at larger events, carnivals, and fetes.

In the 1990’s due to full time employment commitments he decided to mothball the service but decided to revive the service on retirement in 2010 but on a reduced scale with no sales, repairs or installations just a hire service for one and two day events.

We are now members of the Institute of Public Address Contractors. Both our directors are licensed Amateur Radio operators and members of the Radio Society of Great Britian and operate fron Lowton s suburb of both Wigan and Warrington.